Overview Edit

The Spectral Outpost was released by Kabam for Dragons of Atlantis on Friday, October 28th, 2011. It is the fifth outpost to become available. Like other outposts, it enables you to conquer and control up to 9 more wilds. And it also has it's own build and training queues. It is unique, however, in almost every other way.

Primarily, it has no dragon, and can be started in any order relative to the other, dragon outposts. Secondly, it only produces a new resource, Blue Energy, which is used primarily here. It's fields contain only one building type, Reaping Stones, and it's city contains only two: Mausoleums, which are the equivalent of Homes, and Dark Portals, which are the equivalent of Garrisons or Training Camps. The purpose of this outpost is to revive your warriors fallen in battle to once again serve you.

Breakdown Edit

It achieves it's goal of reviving your fallen troops through the use of it's only three buildings. Building and upgrading Mausoleums allow you to house more souls, enabling you to revive more troops. Building and upgrading Dark Portals enable you to revive more troops of higher standing at faster rates. In your field, building and upgrading Reaping Stones let you collect more Blue Energy at increased rates, which is the essential element to reviving fallen troops. There are less options here and less to balance, so it's a simpler system, but it also relies upon casualties suffered in battle at the hands of another player, so only by having large, active armies can you use it to it's full potential.

Furthermore, Building your Spectral Outpost will unlock three new research options in your City's Science Center. These are Energy Collection, which improves your Blue Energy production; Warrior Revival, which increases the amount of Souls collected from your fallen troops while attacking; and Guardian Revival, which increases the amount of Souls collected from your fallen troops while defending. As with all other aspects, maximizing your research levels can be a key component to success.

Behind the Scenes Edit

The main, in-game purpose of the Spectral Outpost is to increase activity in the game by making defending more rewarding and encourage player-vs-player fighting. Attacking an Anthropus Camp or a Wild will give you the messages "Souls not awarded from Anthropus." Only by attacking or defending from other players can you benefit from this. Furthermore, although the exact percentages have not been released, you receive a larger percent of souls back, given equal research levels, from defending than you do from attacking.

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