Resources are the lifeblood of Dragons of Atlantis. They are essential for everything, from constructing buildings, to researching sciences, to training troops. Without resources, there's very little you can do in the game.

Overview Edit

Currently, there are six types of resources. These are Gold, Food, Lumber, Metal, Stone, and Blue Energy. Each resource type has it's major uses, as well as being most widely used at different points in the game. These are all discussed in depth, below. Of the six resources, Gold is unique in that it is not recovered through the fields. Blue Energy is unique in that it is only obtainable through the use of a Spectral Outpost, and only used there.

These are also the only two resources that are not stored in the Storage Vault. Blue Energy is limited to the amount your Reaping Stones can hold; and since it is held solely at your Spectral Outpost, which cannot be currently attacked, cannot be taken by other players. Gold has no limit on the amount you can hold or produce, but it can all be taken at any time. The others, Food, Lumber, Metal, and Stone, work the same. You can produce up to the amount that your buildings in the Fields can hold, plus the amount your Storage Vault holds. You can obtain any amount, but if your total is above the total combined storage amount, you will stop producing it of your own accord.


Gold Edit

Gold; the Atlantian form of money in the game, collected through Taxes. Individually, Gold is used to both obtain, hatch, and upgrade Great Dragons, and it is used in the Science Center to research various subjects. Socially, Gold is used in Trade to obtain any of the other resources (besides Blue Energy, currently), for a price that another player sets.

Gold is used throughout the game until you have reached the point where your Great Dragons are completely upgraded and your researches are completed, but it's unlimited use through Trade makes it constantly useful.


Food Edit

Food is necessary for most building projects, most researches, and for training any Troops, and is produced in Farms. Food is the hardest of the resources to maintain for competitive players because Troops consume Food. Based on their type and numbers, the amount of Troops you have decreases your Food production well into the negatives, as you are eating more Food than you're producing.

Food is most essential to produce in the early stages in the game. Once you have a sizable amount of troops, your main source of Food will be collecting it from Anthropus Camps and other players, as with large armies maintaining positive Food production will become impossible.


Lumber Edit

Lumber is the quintessential building material in Atlantis, produced through Lumbermills. Lumber is required for constructing most buildings, some researches, and to train most troops.

Lumber is used constantly throughout the game, but is most actively used near the beginning of the game, where quick build times on buildings with high Lumber requirements will drain your resource quickly. However, after you have completed the initial building phase, it generally falls from being the most essential.


Metal Edit

Metal is the source of your solid steel attacks and defense, recovered through the use of Mines. Metal is required for many buildings, but it's heart is with the troops. Most Troops require Metal to be trained. The of the fields of research that improve your Troops in combat, only one doesn't require large amounts of Metal.

Metal will scarcely be used during the beginning phases of the game, until you have started training large numbers of troops. At that time, it usually becomes the most commonly used resource for much of the rest of the game.


Stone Edit

Stone is the rock hard foundation of your city, unearthed from your Quarries. Stone is used modestly in most buildings, but is a large part of upgrading both the Fortress and the Wall. The majority of troops will need little to no stone, and most researches are the same.

The largest drain on your stone is special troops. In the later stages of the game, the troops only available after upgrading a Garrison or Training Camp to level 10 with a Completion Grant are largely dependent on stone, and will require it in large quantities to effectively train.


Blue Energy Edit

Blue Energy is the power from the underworld used to call back the souls of the dead, absorbed through your Reaping Stones. Blue Energy can only be collected, and only be used, in your Spectral Outpost. Blue Energy is used to revive your troops fallen in battle.

The ratio of blue energy used per troop revival is dependent on troop type, but it is very low, so large amounts of troops can be revived with relatively small amounts of Blue Energy. Troop souls can only be recovered through battle with other players when one player defends the attacker. Due to this, it's use will always increase to greater margins over time, but it also can go completely unused depending on your playstyle.

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