The Great Dragons defend your city and outposts from attacking invaders. Unlike the rest of your troops, Great Dragons will never hide behind your wall, when applicable, and instead will defend the city with all of their strength. Great Dragons cannot die, and instead must stay out of commission while they heal until they have restored until they can be used again. A wounded Great Dragon will still defend his home, but can not be taken out on attacks.

There are five current types of Great Dragons:

  1. Great Dragon - This well-rounded behemoth is the first line of defense for your City. The Great Dragon is its ever vigilant keeper.
  2. Water Dragon - This aquatic beast has a higher attack and speed than your Great Dragon. The Water Dragon resides at your first outpost.
  3. Stone Dragon - This defensive juggernaut has far more life and defense than any other dragon. The Stone Dragon spends his time at your second outpost.
  4. Fire Dragon - This valiant drake has a ranged attack unmatched by any other. The Fire Dragon lives his life at your third outpost.
  5. Wind Dragon - This fearsome dragon is by far the fastest Great Dragon with the highest melee attack. The Wind Dragon protects your fourth outpost.


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